Love Live! Festival Nozomi Tojo Birthday Event

nozomi tojo birthday

Today is June 9th and it’s Nozomi Tojo’s birthday! With a new year, there comes a new special event for the character from Love Live! School Idol Project! Festival. Nozomi is the star of this special event.

Nozomi Tojo is one of the members of µ’s (Muse) that takes part in the anime Love Live!
School Idol Project.  As the former vice-president of the student council and the eldest member of μ’s, Nozomi appears as a pretty wise, mysterious and mature girl with an almost all-knowing vibe to her, due to her tarot reading and fortune-telling skills. She’s gentle and kind, as well as rather conspirative, usually being the first person to advise μ’s whenever they run into an obstacle or trouble, and will usually remain calm and collected during most situations. This carries on even after joining μ’s.

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What do you think about the Festival Nozomi Tojo (best girl) special event? What other birthdays do you look forward to? Feel free to comment down below!