Love Live! Festival Maki Nishikino Birthday Event

Today is April 19th and it’s Maki Nishikino’s birthdayWith a new year, there comes a new special event for the character from Love Live! School Idol Project! Festival Maki is the star of this special event.

Maki Nishikino is a character in the Love Live! School Idol Project! anime. She’s one of the main characters and is a tsundere, a term in anime and manga for a person who is initially cold and even hostile before gradually showing their more friendly side.

Usually, she has a hard time admitting her feelings to everyone else in the group. She also has somewhat childish beliefs, like believing in Santa Claus.


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What do you think about the Festival Maki Nishikino special event? What other birthdays do you look forward to? Feel free to comment down below!