Azur Lane Gets Anime Adaptation, New Key Visual Revealed!

The mobile game Azur Lane, which has been a quite popular mobile game with 6 million registered players, has just gotten a brand new anime adaptation recently from TOHO animation! They have produced animes like My Hero Academia, Akame Ga Kill!, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby and many more!

Azur Lane is a 2D scroller gacha game that has real-life battleships turned into anime girls, where you can unlock characters by either paying or working for it.


The anime will be set during the Battle of Midway. This battle was between Japan and the United States during World War 2 where they fought for Midway Island. It only lasted a few days, but in Azur Lane, they’ve given them other names for the navies.


The Sakura Empire is a nation based on the Imperial Japanese navy. Kaga and Akagi (Picture on the right) are the only characters from Azur Lane that fit the historic timeline of the Battle of Midway.

Last but not least, it’s the Eagle Union. This is a nation which is a nation of ships based on the United States Navy having Saratoga and Enterprise (in the picture) are part of.




But surprisingly, another girl who isn’t in either the Sakura Empire or the Eagle Union is at the back of the Key Visual. That girl being Belfast from the Royal Navy, even though the Royal Navy had nothing to do with the actual Midway battle.





Are you excited for the new anime featuring the Azur Lane cast? If so. Who do you hope to see in the anime? Make sure to comment down below!