Love Live ALL STARS game info and Japan release date announced

love live! all stars

Love Live ALL STARS staff revealed more information about the upcoming game along with previews and it’s Japanese release date.

The announcement comes from a series of tweets from the staff behind ALL STARS. They revealed the September 29th Japanese release date and showed previews of the new gameplay.

It’s been a very long time since we’ve gotten information about the brand new Love Live! game, Love Live ALL STARS. But luckily, fans of the franchise finally received a lot of information.

So let’s go over what we all know first. The story in Love Live ALL STARS will start with selecting a member from either Muse (µ) or Aqours as your partner.

(Muse and Aqours)

The Perfect Dream Project girls will finally be around more often now. And we’ll get to know them even more now with stories based around their group as a whole! However you don’t get to start with the Perfect Dream Project girls. In Love Live ALL STARS, you’ll be scouting them yourself with both Muse and Aqours.

(Perfect Dream Project)

The actual gameplay of ALL STARS is now a 2 button rythm game. While playing the song. You get to see the girls dancing to the song. And it doesn’t matter if its an Aqours girl singing to a Muse song. Anyone can be on any song no matter the group they’re on. for the main menu, this one is a massive upgrade. In the menu, you’ll have the partner you’ve chosen actually move around and talk, as we can see below with Ayumu Uehara.

Love Live ALL STARS is coming out in Japan on September 26th, 2019. There isn’t a worldwide release date yet. All we have to do is hope for it to come sometime soon!

Update: Love Live ALL STARS staff just announced that a global version is in the works! It will have languages like English, Thai, Korean and Chinese!

(Eli from Muse, Karin from PDP, Mari and Kanan from Aqours playing bowling)

Along with this, the group that started it all, Muse, is coming back with a brand new single and animated video. This is the best time to be a Love Live fan. A new group, and old group returning, a new game and more music and art for everyone!

What are you most excited for?! Muse returning? Perfect Dream Project finally getting their spotlight? Or just Love Live ALL STARS in general? Let us know in the comments!