NANA: Indefinite Hiatus But Still Loved Manga Series

nana hiatus

NANA has remained a fairly popular manga despite its indefinite hiatus after creator Ai Yazawa was hospitalized in 2009. The manga follows the coming-of-age story about two young women, Nana Komatsu and Nana Oosaki, who become close roommates chasing their dreams. The series spanned 21 volumes published in Cookie magazine from 2000 until 2009.

What Yazawa’s been up to since the NANA hiatus

Since the hiatus began, there’s not been too much news in relation to when or if it will be continued. Ai Yazawa has done other work over the past decade, like creating artwork for JUJU’s music single Iiwake in 2017.


Apart from a few illustrations over the past few years, Ai Yazawa has an Instagram and Facebook account and started a Discord server in May 2019 as well. One thing that stood out to me while I was looking into news related to NANA was this translated interview available on Yazawa’s Facebook page.

Ai Yazawa apologizes for the long wait

Originally published in ROLA magazine, Yazawa discusses her past, influences in her work, and some of her characters. When asked about the works that are most representative of her, she offered a few comments on NANA

NANA is the work of my life. There, I put into play all the cards in my hand. I’m sorry because they have waited so long, I’m going to eventually do my best.”

This particular interview came out in 2016, almost 4 years ago at this point. In reading this interview, it’s easy to see how much NANA still remains as something Yazawa may return to one day. Outside of this interview, Yazawa did post an illustration featuring both Nanas on her Instagram earlier this year. This is another sign that the creator still has the manga in mind.

Where that leaves NANA

Speculation on when or if NANA will return is certainly going to continue until we see an official announcement from Yazawa herself or the publisher. Until that happens, we can always re-read the manga and watch the anime to relive one of our favorite stories!

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