Japan publishing Anti-Piracy Manga by featured artists, available in English

anti-piracy manga

Japan’s Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) is an organization whose mission is to reduce worldwide piracy. They actively promote the international distribution of Japanese content as well. In mid-June, they began posting targeted anti-piracy manga onto their website as part of their “Manga Anime Guardians Project”.

New anti-piracy manga available now in English

The official website will release four anti-piracy manga pieces, all by different creators, every Friday until July 3rd, 2020. Overall, this project will result in a total of 16 manga pieces being shared.

Alongside the Japanese version of the manga, each will also have an English edition and a video version accompanied by music. CODA is publishing digital and print versions of the anti-piracy manga.

Different Creators Shine Through

With the release of the first four anti-piracy manga on Friday, June 12th, we get a taste of what is to come in the following month with more releases. Each creator’s manga stands apart with their own unique style, ranging from shoujo style to more shounen.

CODA and Tokyo Otaku Mode started the “Manga Anime Guardians Project” back in 2014. The intention of the project is to promote the protection of manga and anime content overseas. According to CODA’s website, they formed in response to the Japanese government’s “Intellectual Property Declaration” in 2002. Established with the support of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, they aim to counter piracy.

You can read the official anti-piracy manga on their website here.

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