Fruits Basket reboot anime new promo image, songs, and trailer released

On July 3rd, the team behind Fruits Basket reboot revealed a new promotional image, songs, and their third trailer.

Fruits Basket’s next cour still coming this summer

Season one of the reboot began its release last fall, and season two started up again this spring. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a few set-backs with anime productions such as delayed episodes (particularly with dubs). Yet the series has persisted and continues releasing episodes each week.

Now, a new promo trailer, images, and song have been released. This gives fans a look into what they should expect out of this summer’s episodes. The artwork on the new promo image looks warm, and the new songs “Home” by Asako Toki and “Eden” by MONKEY MAJIK are sure to be delightful.

However, judging by the trailer, things are about to take a more serious turn. It looks like things are going to get really tough for Tohru and the zodiac members. All at the hands of Akito (and possibly Shigure), who looks to be more heavily involved in the upcoming episodes.

Drama, pain, and romance will likely ensue during this summer’s episodes; it’s clear that there will be heartbreaking moments, but there is sure to be a lot of heart-warming ones, too. Check out the new trailer and get ready for this summer’s episodes of Fruits Basket.

The Fruits Basket reboot was well received over the last year. Fans are disappointed that the original anime ended so abruptly without finishing the stories of Tohru and the members of the zodiac. When word got out about its new reboot, the fans could all rejoice–finally, the anime would get the ending it deserved. The manga finished the series so well, so everyone who loved both the manga and anime were excited to see it all play out in the new reboot that began its run last year.

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