Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen manga inspires Broadway musical

Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen

On October 19, Moyoco Anno shared the news to her official Twitter account that her manga Memoirs of Amorous Gentleman is receiving a Broadway musical adaptation. The Tony Award-winning director and choreographer Rob Ashfort also known for Curtains and Frozen will direct and choreograph the musical. The musical is also planned to have a “worldwide release”, though no further details on what that might entail have been released.

Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen Anime Short Available on YouTube

Meanwhile, Anno’s YouTube channel is currently playing host to the anime short of Memoirs of Amorous Gentleman. The short was created by Studio Khara and previously released in 2015 to celebrate the musical adaptation announcement.

Manga’s Origin and Synopsis

The Memoirs of Amorous Gentleman manga was originally published in Shodensha’s Feel Young magazine back in 2013 and then ended in 2018. The synopsis of the manga, as described by it’s English publisher Cork, tells us more about the overall story:

Beginning of the 20th century. Colette works in a brothel and entertains clients with “perverted” desires. She is leading a life without prospects. Her only happiness consists of the secret meetings with gigolo Leon, whom she feels helplessly attracted to. Even though he is visiting other women…

“Perverts are people who have explored and put a shape to their desires. Just like a blind man using both hands to carefully trace the contours of a vase of flowers…” Who are these perverts Moyoco Anno brings to life in Paris, the city of flowers?”

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