Strike Witches: Road to Berlin English dub coming in 2021

strike witches: road to berlin

Funimation informed an Anime News Network writer on Wednesday that they intend to release an English dub of the Strike Witches: Road to Berlin anime series in 2021 with the following statement:

“Funimation will be releasing a brand-new English dub for Strike Witches: Road to Berlin in 2021 for fans to enjoy, and we’ll be making an announcement on our social channels when we can. However, the simulcast version won’t be part of our fall season.”

This contradicts Funimation‘s earlier announcement this October, that the series would begin streaming on their platforms on October 7th as a part of a simulcast with the series which premiered on the same date in Japan. As of writing, however, the series is no longer available on their Funimation streaming service. Crunchyroll began streaming the series simulcast on October 9.

Strike Witches featured talent

Kazuhiro Takamura is reprising his role as director of the series and is working with David Production (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure). Humikane Shimada and Projekt Kagonish created original character designs of Road to Berlin. The series lead writer is Tatsuhiko Urata, who wrote for Strike Witches and Strike Witches 2. The series’ composition is led by Striker Unit. Yuko Ishida is returning for the opening theme song “Wings of Courage”. The ending, performed by the voice actress unit Dai-501, voice the show as well. The ending theme is “Yearning for Your Wings”.

Strike Witches movie

The story of Strike Witches takes place on an alternate Earth during the World War II era where an unknown alien force called the Neuroi invade Earth. The Neuroi take on forms similar to aircraft and spread disease. As a result, the armed forces of an alternative Europe have allied together to combat the threat. The militaries of the world call upon Witches, young girls with magical powers capable of fighting against the Neuroi. Strike Witches: Road to Berlin tells the story of the Allied operation to retake Berlin. The 501st Joint Fighter Wing “Strike Witches” is re-formed again with the newest member Hattori Shizuka.