Kanojo mo Kanojo Anime Adaptation Confirmed

This year’s 51st issue of Kodansha‘s Weekly Shonen Magazine might announce that Kanojo mo Kanojo (She’s a Girlfriend Too) is getting an anime adaptation. The information was leaked through the magazine’s listing on the Amazon Japan website ahead of the issue’s official shipping on Wednesday.

Hiroyuki is continuing work with what was announced last December: Irodori Comics will publish his indie manga Two-Timing Fair and Square and Of Girls, Love, and Money. Kanojo mo Kanojo was first released in Kodansha‘s Weekly Shonen Magazine on March 4th this year, to warm reader and critic reception.

The manga refers to itself as a “neo-romantic comedy” the story of which centers on Naoya, a high school student in his first year confessing to his long-time crush. Dating Saki is wonderful for Naoya until one day another pretty student named Nagisa confesses as well to him. While Naoya discloses to Nagisa that he has a girlfriend, Nagisa is determined to be with him. Naoya, in all his wisdom, has an idea to solve the situation: he will simply date Saki and Nagisa at the same time. Saki and Nagisa are very amiable meeting each other, and while Saki is mad at Naoya for the idea she eventually comes around to his thinking and agrees.

Previous work from Hiroyuki has been adapted into anime before, such as Aho-Girl, Doujin Work, and The Comic Artist and His Assistants. Aho-Girl was published by Kodansha Comics, while Media Blasters released the Doujin Work manga and anime on home video. The Comic Artist and His Assistants was released on Blu-ray and DVD by Sentai Filmworks.

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