Studio Ghibli’s Earwig and the Witch Gets a New Trailer

Earwig and the witch

It’s Studio Ghibli like you’ve never seen it before! There has been a lot of skepticism over the last few months due to Studio Ghibli‘s newest movie straying from its traditional art style and being produced in CGI. However, the newest trailer for Earwig and the Witch shows that even in CGI, the artistic aspects of Studio Ghibli that we all know and love, come shining through.

Although initially hesitant, I found that Earwig and the Witch (originally marketed as Aya and the Witch) looks to be just as Ghibli-esque as the studio’s other films, according to the contents of the trailer. Yes, it would be nice to get this film in the traditional Studio Ghibli-style art, chock-full of all the hand-drawn splendor seen in Howl’s castle or Kiki’s bakery, there is sure to be a lot to love in this upcoming feature. Albeit in a different style, Earwig and the Witch looks to be a fun Ghibli film we can look forward to and enjoy in a brand new experience.

You can view the new trailer above and read more about Earwig and the Witch here.

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