Fruits Basket Season 3 Confirmed and Graphic Released

Fruits Basket

Many fans throughout the Fruits Basket fandom have been unsure whether or not season 3 had been officially announced or confirmed yet and if it would be the final season if it had. Well, we are here to say that it has been! Funimation posted a graphic this fall showing that the third and final season will release in 2021. The graphic also showed various scenes from the previous season, briefly recapping what has happened so far in a cute montage surrounding the news of season three’s release.

Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket series has been a fan favorite for two decades now and will likely never fall out of favor. It peers into the depths of the human heart and soul and gives the audience characters to root for and situations that keep us at the edge of our seats. It’s filled with amazingly developed characters, humor, sorrow, heartache, and joy. The series has never been really animated from its manga form before now (with the 2001 version only showing an abridged first season with an unsatisfying end), so fans everywhere are eager to see how their favorite series’ ending will be adapted onscreen.

In this final season, we will see the lives of our favorite characters move forward and progress, while the situations we’ve followed tie up and resolve in all sorts of ways. It is sure to be a beautiful, emotion-invoking finale that will not leave a dry eye in any room it’s viewed in.

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