New Online Cookie Cutter Shop Makes Anime Even Sweeter

Cookie Cutters

One of the greatest things about the anime community in this day and age is that fans all over the world can connect with one another and create marvelous works of art, open online shops, and simply converse with one another about their passion for Japanese animation. Etsy is a great place to find unique anime items from countries all across the globe, and a rising shop has caught our attention over this past week. Mia at Fraise18CookieCutter creates custom anime cookie cutters for you to enjoy your favorite anime characters in a whole new way!

We got to ask her some questions about her new business and find out more about these fun, anime-inspired creations.

Mia told us that ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, she’s been unable to work her regular job, traveling between Paris and the US for LongHaul. “So, I’ve had lots of free time watching anime and trying to find something to do that I like,” she said. “I really love making all kinds of cake and biscuits, so the day my boyfriend decided to get a 3D printer was the best day of 2020 for me.” She went on to say that her boyfriend showed her how to work the PC and how to create the 3D files to print. “That’s how I decided to make cookie cutters!”

Upon finishing her first creations and posting them in fan groups on social media, Mia started to receive attention and requests for new designs. She wasn’t thinking of it as a business opportunity at first. She just wanted to do what she loved and show the world: “I thought that they were so cute that I needed to share them with the world…[then] a lot of anime fans started contacting me saying they also wanted one, and my online shop was born.”

To create each cookie cutter, Mia has to use the Fusion360 software to create a 3D file of what she wants to print. It often takes her hours upon hours to finish these cookie cutters, and sometimes it takes an entire day. “When it’s finally done, I need to try them to see if they are working correctly or if they need to be changed, and that also takes a lot of time and biscuits hehe.^^”

Her only goal for her little shop at first was to keep busy because she’s a self-described workaholic and loves creating new things.

You can purchase her cookie cutters on her Etsy shop here and stay up to date on her Facebook and Instagram accounts to see what creations she adds to her shop next. She also conducts free giveaway contests on her Facebook page where the winners get to choose their own cookie cutter for her to make. Her first contest was so successful that it made Mia realize just how many anime fans want her cookie cutters.

Right now, fans can buy cookie cutters from anime films and series such as Nana, Sakura, One Piece, Pokémon, Howl’s Moving Castle, Dragon Ball Z, and more, and from games such as Final Fantasy and Super Mario.

She says she plans on adding a lot more products to her shop, and we’re excited to see what characters she adds to her collection next. If you want a cookie cutter that she doesn’t have available, you can message her with your request, and she will create your own personalized cookie cutter.

Check out some of her creations in the gallery below.

Which of these cookie cutters were your favorite? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!