The Promised Neverland Season 2 is Taking Things in a New Direction

The Promised Neverland

We are five episodes into the new season of The Promised Neverland and already things are shaken up. Many fans of the series have noted that the award-winning anime is not on the same path as the manga, straying from the original story. Now, audience members have no idea what will happen next. The main difference so far is that an entire fan-favorite arc is missing from the story. The arc in question holds important information about the enigmatic William Minerva, so it will be interesting to see how the anime will remedy this switch and what other changes will be made.

Although manga fans of The Promised Neverland have a better idea of where things will go than the anime-only fans, no one can be certain anymore of what each new episode will bring.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

So far in season two, we have watched the children of Grace Field House brave the demon world in hopes of finding William Minerva. We have seen them go through difficulty after difficulty while learning how to survive on their own. They’ve received help from non-human-eating demons and William Minerva (indirectly–if it truly was Minerva who helped them) but have also been driven out of safety time and time again. It’s been almost a year now since the children left the house, and their new goal is to find the human world where the demon world ends.

Things are rolling at an increasingly intense speed now, and there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered, including the following:

What was up with that creepy room in Minerva’s bunker? Is Minerva really a good guy?

Will we get to learn the information uncovered in the Goldy Pond Battle arc?

What did the demon promised Isabella in exchange for catching her former children? Did they promise her the ability to keep her son and escape with him to freedom?

What are the kids going to do now and how are they going to help the other kids at Grace Field House (and the kids at the other farms)?

Amidst all the uncertainty, one thing’s for sure: we are sure to get some answers this Thursday and every Thursday from now until season two comes to an end. Each episode has been filled with new twists and turns. Tune into Funimation this Thursday to see what happens next.

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