Zombie Land Saga Gets Manhole Covers in Saga Prefecture

Zombie Land Saga

The undead idols of Zombie Land Saga are getting a special homage from their local prefecture of Saga. Special manhole covers will be placed throughout the prefecture, each one featuring a unique member of the Franchouchou idol crew. 14 designs (2 for each idol) will be placed throughout the prefecture. The Saga prefecture is working in collaboration with the series to celebrate the upcoming second season of Zombie Land Saga, titled Zombie Land Saga Revenge. The designs of the seven idols will be set up in the six cities of Saga City, Karatsu City, Tosu City, Imari City, Kashima City, and Ureshino City. 

Each manhole cover comes with one Franchouchou member and a specialty of the city they will be placed in, such as depictions supporting local festivals, a famous tourist spot, or even a train stop. The manhole covers will be ready for placement throughout the Saga prefecture starting April 22nd. Each city will determine when they’ll install their covers and will announce it on their city’s social media accounts.

The anime follows high-schooler Sakura Minamoto, whose lifelong dream is to be an idol but is hit by a truck and wakes up as a member of the undead. A talent manager by the name of Kōtarō Tatsumi appears and tells her he’s recruiting her into an idol group made up of zombies. These zombies are dead girls he has “recruited” from several eras of Japan’s long history.

Further announcements came from Crunchyroll after revealing all the winners of their annual anime awards. One of those announcements was for the upcoming series Zombie Land Saga Revenge, which members of the site will be able to stream simulcast. The sequel series to the original Zombie Land Saga is set to premiere in April 2021 on Tokyo MX, AT-X, and other channels in mainland Japan. It will also exclusively stream on Amazon Prime Video and Abema simultaneously.

More Zombie Land Saga news was announced on Saturday as well. It was revealed that a new manga anthology based on the series will be released on April 7th. The anthology manga will be titled Zombie Land Saga Anthology and will feature a special cover created by anime studio MAPPA of Attack on Titan season 4 and Kakegurui.

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