Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2024 Categories Revealed

crunchyroll anime awards logo

The eighth annual Crunchyroll Anime Awards has announced the categories of awards that will be presented during the event. The three newest categories include Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Slice of Life. The award show will be streamed live from Tokyo on March 2, 2024. You can find the full list of categories and more info below.

Full list of categories for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2024

  • Anime of the Year
  • Best Action
  • Best Animation
  • Best Anime Song
  • Best Art Direction (New)
  • Best Character Design
  • Best Cinematography (New)
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Continuing Series
  • Best Director
  • Best Drama
  • Best Ending Sequence
  • Best Fantasy
  • Best Film
  • Best Main Character
  • Best New Series
  • Best Opening Sequence
  • Best Original Anime
  • Best Romance
  • Best Score
  • Best Slice of Life (New)
  • Best Supporting Character
  • Best Voice Actor Performance
  • “Must Protect At All Cost” Character

The awards last year sparked some controversy among the anime community when Crunchyroll announced anything released in the Fall 2022 season was ineligibile. This impacted recent hit anime like Chainsaw Man and Bocchi the Rock. The Crunchyroll Anime Awards this year will now include that season while skipping the currently airing Fall 2023 season. This trend will likely continue for their future awards as well.

Nominees for these categories will be revealed on January 17, 2024. These nominees will be selected by over a hundred independent judges. Sally Amaki and Jon Kabira will host the event.

“Anime is a dynamic art form, offering an adventure for every kind of fan, and we are honored to celebrate the creative talent behind the medium that is captivating viewers around the world,” said Rahul Purini, President of Crunchyroll. “From the depth of artistry, nuanced storytelling, and pure joy that anime brings to so many, we look forward to gathering again in Japan to honor the best of anime this year.”

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