Introducing Our Mascot: Mio Hanaya

Mio Hanaya New Featured

Today we are pleased to introduce to your our mascot and best girl: Mio Hanaya (桜 • 花夜)


Mio Hanaya New



Here is some of her most important information and background! If you have any further questions you would like to ask her, please send them to us on Twitter!

Name: Mio Hanaya
Meaning: 美 (mi) “beautiful” 桜 (o) “cherry blossom” | 花 (hana) “flower” 夜 (ya) “night” | beautiful cherry blossom , evening flower

Birthday: Mar 21
Age: 16
Born In: Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Hobbies: movies, walks, spending time with friends
Food Likes: strawberries, cake, ramen

Background: Mio is a first year in high school, and is part of the literature club. She has a soft voice, except when talking about writing stories. Inspired by her father who was an accomplished novelist, she dreams of surpassing him and creating something that surpasses his work. In addition, she is very fond of parks, and can often be found walking throughout them and enjoying the scenery. She says that most of her ideas come to her while in a park. Besides the time she spends by herself, friendship is something else she cherishes deeply. Mio often attends movies with her friends, and she considers films her other passion. She is also often seen with her hair in different styles or streak colors.


UPDATED 9/18/17 – New official artwork, other small changes.