My Hero Academia To Have 25 Episodes | Attack on Titan To Have 12

Evidence was found a couple of days ago on the official My Hero Academia website to support the fact that it will be receiving 25 episodes. The code behind the My Hero Academia website has been updated to include images for episodes up to 38 and 39. With 13 episodes in the first season and the recap episode recently, that leaves 25 more for season two.



In similar news, AoT fans are complaining about the confirmation of Attack on Titan season two only receiving 12 episodes. In the replies to the tweet linked below, fans are stating that they are disappointed in this and that they “deserve” more.



What are you’re thoughts on this? Are you happy that My Hero Academia could be getting 25 episodes? Are you disappointed that Attack on Titan is only getting 12? Or do you think that the fans are over-reacting? Let us know!