Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya Goes On Hiatus

Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya annouced via the A&G+ Radio Show that he would be going on hiatus to recover from his throat condition. A similar announcement was later made on his official website. He plans to hopefully return by the end of this year.



Hosoya has voiced a huge amount of characters including Kuranosuke Shiraishi from Prince of Tennis, Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan, Kojou Akatsuki from Strike the Blood, Arata Wataya from Chihayafuru, Sousuke Yamazaki from Free! – Eternal Summer, and Orga Itsuka from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. He hosts an A&G+ radio show titled Tensai Gunshi with fellow Voice Actor Hiroki Yasumoto, which received most useful radio award during the First Annual Aniradi Awards in 2015.

Everyone here at Jotaku wishes him a speedy recovery!