Chemically Bonded Trailer Released for Upcoming Visual Novel

Chemically Bonded, an upcoming romance/drama visual novel, is now close to completion and a new trailer has been released. The game, having been Kickstarted through September to October, 2017, will feature several hours of content and cute moments as you follow the lives of two girls and make attempts to fix their dwindling friendship. Chemically Bonded is set to be a multi-route, multi-ending experience with fun moments along the way to these girls’ hearts. Inspired by contemporary Japanese visual novels, the use of traditional anime inspired graphics and settings will tell the tale of these students lives and guide the player towards true love.

chemically bonded trailer press release

Kiyoko Ishikawa (voiced by N i i) and Naomi Satō (voiced by Celestia Evie Barile) star as the game’s main heroines. A cute and eccentric scientist and the ironclad track-captain respectively, these romantic interests are sure to provide uplifting, funny moments alongside the candid, veiled nature of people’s true feelings and the truths of a broken heart.

Chemically Bonded does currently not have an announced release date, however those on the project are working hard to deliver an enjoyable, quality release as soon as possible. More news and info about the project can be found frequently on the developer’s Twitter.


Chemically Bonded Features

  • Multiple routes and endings
  • Interactive phone system for choices and dates.
  • A variety of cute looks for both girls.
  • High quality sprite and CG artwork.
  • Full English voice acting.

ds-sans is a English visual novel developer with global collaborators based in the United Kingdom. Their main goal is to produce high quality experiences through the use of crafted storytelling and high quality artwork. Having released two major titles previously, with one and it’s expansion currently on the Steam platform, Chemically Bonded is their first commercial title. ds-sans will be working with visual novel producing and publishing group DEVGRU-P on the publishing and non-developmental aspects of Chemically Bonded.

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