Saki Ogasawara on Hiatus Due to Cancer

Saki Ogasawara

The family of voice actor Saki Ogasawara has recently made an unfortunate announcement. Saki has been diagnosed with stage 1 tongue cancer, discovered earlier this spring.

“We were fortunate to find it early, so we will concentrate on treatment and try to reach out as soon as possible on a day.”

As her family states, Saki Ogasawara will be on hiatus until she recovers.

Saki has voiced many different characters throughout many different animes, like Battle Fist from My Hero Academia, Mildred F. Fujiwara from Date A Live II, Akane Nonohara from The iDOLM@STER Million Live!, and Nina from Girls & Panzer.

All of us on the Jotaku writing team are wishing her well!