Love Live! on Spotify, µ’s and Aqours Now Available for Music Streaming

love live spotify

Love Live! Comes to Spotify & Apple Music

Love Live songs are finally available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming platforms after years and years of fans continuously asking for µ’s and Aqours in their regions!

During its 9th anniversary, most of the music from the Love Live franchise was suddenly made available to everyone. They released music from µ’s, Aqours, Saint Snow, A-Rise, and Nijigasaki (Perfect Dream Project). Even sub-units like Lily white, BiBi, Printemps, CYaRON! and all of the µ’s solo mix songs are on Spotify as well!

But for some reason the sub-units under Aqours, Guilty Kiss and AZALEA, are missing. There’s also quite a few missing solos, such as “Cheer Day Cheer Girl” and “Silent Tonight”. Or at the very least they just haven’t been found yet. But all that aside, being a Love Live fan has never been so great!

Before this, Love Live songs were only available in Japan on Spotify and other platforms. Now, fans have been compiling playlists of the entire Love Live library on both Spotify and Apple Music. There’s also playlists with just the solos and sub-units. Fans also went and listed all the direct artist pages.

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