Trigger to Animate Shantae 5 Opening

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Shantae 5 Opening to be Animated by Studio Trigger

Fans of the Shantae games will be delighted to hear that WayForward is collaborating with Studio Trigger to animate the Shantae 5 opening. The announcement comes from Twitter where WayForward showed some concept art Trigger has done so far.

WayForward Says “Nothing Else to Announce, Stay Tuned!”

Many fans of the series rushed to Twitter after the announcement to try and get more details. Some asked the game studio if this means Shantae 5 will have animated cutscenes, possibly also by Trigger. WayForward just responded to them all by saying they don’t have anything else to announce today.

Other fans have also been asking WayForward questions about the new Shantae, but the developers have so far just said they don’t have any more info to release right now. Though they did say that more details about the gameplay, opening, and voice acting are coming soon.

WayForward also confirmed that while Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is available on the Switch eShop, they have no plans currently to bring earlier Shantae titles to the Switch.

shantae and the pirates curse wayforward

The news of Trigger animating the opening has certainly made Shantae and anime fans alike very excited. And this isn’t Trigger’s first time working with games. They’ve also worked on Project X Zero, Fire Emblem Fates, and, of course, the upcoming Kill la Kill game by ArcSys.

WayForward has been making the Shantae series since it’s first Gameboy Color release in 2002. The fifth game in the franchise was announced back in March. It’ll be out late 2019 on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Apple Arcade.

Hoping the new Shantae will have animated cutscenes by Trigger? Excited for the new game? Can’t wait for more details? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!