Yoshiko Tsushima Birthday Event in Love Live! Festival

Yoshiko Tsushima

Today is July 13th and everyone’s fallen angel has a birthday event! That’s right! It’s Yoshiko Tsushima’s birthday today! Why not celebrate it in Love Live! Festival with a brand new special event?

Yoshiko Tsushima is a character from the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime. She’s one of the first years of the main cast of Aqours. She is a Chuunibyou, a know-it-all adult that looks down on others or believe they have special powers, unlike everyone else.

Yoshiko Tsushima also has a split personality that believes she is a fallen angel. After she angered the gods, they cursed the fallen angel with bad luck. She was cast from the heavens to the earth, bringing her bad luck. Later, she became a school idol after joining Aqours!

This Yoshiko Tsumishma birthday event comes just two weeks after all of the music from the Love Live! franchise officially released worldwide on music streaming sites. So now you can celebrate future Love Live! birthdays even more! Log onto Love Live! Festival today and have fun with Yoshiko!

Are you happy for the Yoshiko Tsumishma birthday event? What other events are you looking forward to in Love Live! FestivalMake sure to comment down below!