Chika Takami Birthday Event in Love Live! Festival

chika takami

Today’s August the 1st and it’s everyone’s favorite mikan (Orange in Japanese)’s birthday today. And that mikan being Chika Takami from Love Live! Sunshine!! The main protagonist of Aqours. Why not celebrate it in Love Live! Festival?

Chika Takami is the main protagonist of the Love Live! Sunshine!! Story. She’s one of the second years in the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. She’s the leader of the main group Aqours and she’s a part of sub-unit CYaRon!

Chika Takami is a very energetic and social girl. She never gives up on chasing her dreams of being the number 1 school idol in Japan. With her main inspiration being µ’s (Muse) which was the predecessor to Aqours. She brings energy and high hope to the entire group of Aqours.  in the end she has everything for a perfect team leader!

Well. We’re not getting any free birthday cards anymore Since we apparently got a full “rotation” for both groups. So now we’re getting stamps now… But hey at least she’s feeling so so great.
So what do you think about Chika Takami? Are you happy about us gettings stamps instead of actual cards? Will you be spending some Love Gems for scouting? Make sure to comment down below!