Chemically Bonded, romance drama visual novel, out on Steam

Chemically Bonded, a romance/drama visual novel by developer ds-sans and publisher DEVGRU-P, has just launched on Steam for the price of US$9.99.

Having been crowdfunded through Kickstarter in the fall of 2017, the visual novel centers on two heroines, Kiyoko and Naomi. They’re both romanceable and the story focuses attempts to reconcile their differences.

chemically bonded

Chemically Bonded details

“Enter the melancholic life of a Japanese highschool student, as you soon become entwined in the dispute between two female students. Learn more about their past as you piece together their relationship and mend their bond, all while forming bonds of your own.”

Chemically Bonded contains a distinct route for each heroine, alongside four separate endings, two for each heroine. Inspired by Japanese visual novels, the use of anime-inspired graphics and settings help to tells their tale. Containing fun moments while exploring serious, more emotional themes.

chemically bonded

Kiyoki Ishikawa (CV: N i i) and Naomi Satō (CV: Amber Barile) star as the game’s heroines: the cute and eccentric founder of the Science Club and the ironclad track captain respectively.

The game features over 100,000 words, or a playtime of roughly 10 hours, alongside:

  • Full English voice acting, with a cast of 7 voice actors/actresses.
  • Innovative visual novel features, such as animated backgrounds, interactive user choices and high-quality CG viewing.
  • Variety of character artworks for both heroines.
  • Embedded platform for future expansions and updates.
  • 8 Steam achievements.

Chemically Bonded can be viewed on Steam here:

Official trailers for the game can be viewed here:

About ‘ds-sans’:

‘ds-sans’ ( is a UK-based visual novel developer with a team of global collaborators. Their goal is to produce high quality experiences through the use of crafted storytelling and artwork. Chemically Bonded is ‘ds-sans” first commercial release, having previously published Sounds of Her Love with DEVGRU-P in 2017, available for free.