Tokyo Mew Mew manga sequel announced, male spin-off chapter released

tokyo mew mew

Manga publishing company Kodansha comics further revealed the details of its new Tokyo Mew Mew Project. The announcement detailed as “Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 Re-Turn”, a two-part one-off manga. The original creators return for 2020 Re-Turn with Reiko Yoshida writing and Mia Ikumi illustrating.

The opening chapter of Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 Re-Turn is set to release on December 28, 2019. The second chapter will release on February 3, 2020. While its plot details are not as of yet revealed to fans and readers. As of writing, we know that the sequel is set in Tokyo in the year 2020. Expected to return is all five members of the original team.

Tokyo Mew Mew returns in 2020

Yoshida and Ikumi originally serialized the manga monthly in Kodansha’s shoujo magazine known as Nakayoshi from 2000 to 2003. The series was popular enough to get its own anime adaptation inspiring a 52-episode television series airing from 2002 to 2003. The series was later introduced to the wests in late 2004 to 2005 from tokyopop publishing all seven volumes in English. While the infamous 4Kids Entertainment dubbed and aired the anime in 2005 – under the name “Mew Mew Power”.  This is not the first sequal to Tokyo Mew Mew published, as Yoshida and Ikumi also released a manga series titled Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode from 2003 to 2004.

Further details were revealed for the new Tokyo Mew Mew spinoff series Tokyo Mew Mew Au Lait!” that started serialization. As reported, Tokyo Mew Mew Au Lait! features five boys in the place of the original’s five female protagonists.

Its debut chapter is 62 pages long and introduces us to the protagonist, Aoi Shibuya. Shibuya is an average high schooler in Tokyo whose DNA is merged with that of the Iriomote Wild Cat and is granted the power to transform himself into a “Mew Mew.” Although he is reluctant to step up and be a hero, he decides to heed the call of duty to protect all animals on the earth.

It will continue to serialize monthly with the next chapter releasing in the magazines March 2020 issue. Wanna hear about more upcoming manga? Check out the VIZ Summer 2020 lineup here!