Once More Visual Novel Kickstarter Campaign Nears Goal

once more visual novel kickstarter

Earlier this month, Malheur Games launched the Kickstarter for their upcoming Once More visual novel project. The campaign now has 67 backers and has raised $2,299 toward their $3,500 goal.

Once More, a Visual Novel about Love and Loss

Once More focuses on love and loss as the protagonist, Felix, works to move on from his deceased girlfriend, Mima, and find new love. He stumbles into the magical Library of Alexandria where he meets Shifa, the library’s reaper.

In this library, the books don’t contain words but the manifestations of what the author was thinking. Opening one of these books will lead the reader into a very vivid experience. And so, Felix makes a deal with Shifa to develop a new relationship and record it in exchange for Mima’s diary being added to the library.

The demo for the Once More visual novel is available now on itch.io with about two hours of content introducing the game’s six main characters. Malheur Games also plans to release an expanded demo later.

once more visual novel

Kickstarter Campaign & Rewards

once more dakimakuraMalheur Games is looking to raise $3,500 with stretch goals spanning out to $6,000. With the original goal, Once More will have over 30 hours of content, multiple endings, side endings, and feature scene jumping and music room mechanics. The game will release on Steam and itch.io within a year of development.

The rewards for backing the project include the following:

  • Digital/physical copies of Once More
  • Digital artbook & soundtrack
  • Dakimakura covers & acrylic charms
  • Art prints of story CGs
  • Opportunity to design a CG
  • Voiced thanks messages
  • Name in credits & Discord access

At the $4,500 stretch goal, the main heroines will be partially voiced, with priority given to CG scenes. When they reach $5,500, Once More will be fully voiced. And at $6,000, Malheur Games can bring in another developer to implement additional features such as a calendar system.

If you’re excited for the project and would love to help fund it, consider supporting the Once More Kickstarter. The reward tiers range from $15 to $650 and the campaign ends on March 19th, 2020. You can also wishlist it on Steam.

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