Twilight Princess Manga Coming to a Close

twilight princess manga

The Zelda: Twilight Princess manga is entering its final arc in June. Announced by manga duo Akira Himekawa, who have been working on the series since its launch in 2016, the final arc will bring an end to the series. Set to begin on June 29th, there’s been no word on just how long that arc will be at this time.

Long history with Legend of Zelda

Akira Himekawa is currently releasing a new chapter once every month. There’s going to be something to look forward to as the series comes to an end.

Technically, Himekawa started work on the Twilight Princess manga back in 2006. The older manga was cancelled after the game received a B rating in Japan. Ten years later and the new manga began publishing.

The manga duo have had a long run with the Legend of Zelda series. Akira Himekawa first started on a manga adaptation in 1998 that ran until 2008. The duo have also previously drawn a prologue to the Skyward Sword installation in the game series and altogether have adapted ten different Zelda entries throughout their careers.

Twilight Princess manga volume 7 coming soon

VIZ Media will also be releasing Twilight Princess volume 7 in English on August 11, 2020.

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