Tower of God Episode 9 – Conclusion of the Tag Arc

tower of god 9

This week, Tower of God episode 9 was much more suspenseful than usual with quite a few unexpected plot developments.

Endorossi’s Past

Endorossi recounts the story about herself in the third person. One of the Ten Families used to take in children and train them to one day become princesses. Those that did well ate meals fit for kings. Those who didn’t perform well only had loafs of bread. One day a small girl wondered what the good food tasted like. She ended up tasting and eating the food and lived happily. Endorossi says that to ensure that she moves on to the next round she plans on beating the fishermen. Bam is injured during the between Endorossi and the other fishermen.

The backstory was very enjoyable to watch and was and interesting departure from the ones told earlier. The coloring made everything feel more dreamlike even though it is clear that this a true story. In contrast, Anaak’s story was colored in the same way as the rest of the show.

The First of Many Deaths

Hoh wanders off and pulls Rachelle to the side while Quant begins the test and takes care of the spear-bearers with ease. Meanwhile Hoh explains that getting rid of Rachelle will result in getting rid of Bam too. Hoh seems to think this because of the letter he got in episode 7. Quant comes and seems to imply that he wants to help Rachelle and Bam follows not far behind. Quant “attacks” Bam teaching him a move which he in turn uses on Hoh.

However, Hoh still ends up stabbing Rachelle in the back. We learn that Hoh lost everything and decided to climb the tower. Since Hoh realises he is going to lose the exam he takes his own life. Endorossi explains that everyone has a reason for climbing the tower and says she wants to keep climbing with someone else (Anaak). In the end Bam and Endorossi take on Quant and with a sly trick they win the game.

The way they colored Hoh’s shorter backstory was similar to Endorossi’s and worked just as well. The action was just a treat to watch as usual. I can’t quite say that I was expecting Hoh to go that far so quickly into the series. We have seen consistently that something isn’t right with him but this was big. I am still curious as to see who it was that sent him the letter.

Tower of God episode 9, while really dark, did not let up

Episode 9 of Tower of God was unyielding in how dark it was, from the story to the tag game area itself it all felt grim and I loved it. I’m am very curious to see where things go from here. What will the other team think after the cameras went dark and seeing the fallout from the game. The action scenes still looked stunning but i do hope to see more in the style the backstories used. A lot of plot threads got wrapped up so I’m excited to see what comes next.

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