Manga Planet brings “Flavors of Kumika” and “Butterfly Storage” releases

Manga Planet Licenses 2 Titles from Tokuma Shoten .png

Manga Planet is back again with new manga releases coming soon. From publisher Tokuma Shoten comes The Flavors of Kumika and Butterfly Storage. The new manga coming look like compelling stories for a variety of sci-fi fans. One is a laid-back foodie romance with aliens while the other is an action mystery about the afterlife.

The Flavors of Kumika and Butterfly Storage come to Manga Planet next weekend. You can read the synopsis for the stories below. Be sure to check out their first chapters for free on the platform when they’re out.

[Note: Release dates may change without prior notice.]

The Flavors of Kumika by Akihiro Ononaka

The Flavors of Kumika.jpg

Release Date: June 13, 2020

In a world where aliens live harmoniously with humans, there exists a kind of alien that doesn’t need to “eat” the way humans do. Hailing from the impoverished planet of Chlorodium #2, where food is a luxury, these aliens live by inhaling microorganisms from the air.

Kumika, an uptight, earnest office worker, is one such alien from Chlorodium #2. When a sudden cold leads to her being unable to “feed” herself her usual way, her coworker Chihiro comes to her rescue with a nice warm pot of udon noodles! After a lifetime of never having to eat human food, will Kumika ever get used to getting “hungry”?”

Butterfly Storage by Icori Ando

Butterfly Storage.jpg

Release Date: June 12, 2020

When a person dies, their soul turns into a butterfly and flies away. Holding the thoughts and consciousness of the deceased, this butterfly can last for 49 days before fading away completely.

In this world, the Death Bureau, a national agency that collects and freezes dead souls’ butterflies, lets the family of the deceased interact with the data in their relative’s butterfly through a 3D hologram. Their duty also includes making sure butterflies don’t end up in the wrong hands – without killing or getting killed!

Manga Planet is growing by the day

The first chapters will be available for free in the Manga Planet Library. Subscribers to the library get to read the succeeding chapters in addition to other manga titles from their growing collection.

Are you interested in these manga? Personally, I’m interested in the concept of Butterfly Storage, so I’ll definitely check that out. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter if you’ll be reading too!