The Metapod Onesie Chair We Never Knew We Needed

metapod chair

2020 has been a crazy year full of stress and unwelcome surprises. So, naturally, whenever something pops up in our news feeds that’s pleasantly surprising, we’re all for it. Well, the pleasantly surprising news piece today is that the Pokémon MVP of 2020 will most likely be…Metapod! Why, you may ask? Two words: onesie chair.

We don’t know if Bandai Namco was already planning on creating this amazing piece of Pokémon paraphernalia or if it was a happy accident that fit what everyone in 2020 probably needs right now: cuddling up inside a Pokémon cocoon and lying in fetal position for a couple of hours. This new Metapod onesie-style chair is everything we never knew we needed and we are so excited about the possibilities.


This is an amazing invention. 2020 has been rough in a lot of ways, but at least Bandai will be delivering this product that will let us happily socially distance within our own cocoons. If you want one of these bad boys, you’ll have to keep a vigilant eye out, as all pre-orders have been sold out. We don’t know when more will be in stock, but with each being sold at about $330 (35,000 yen) a pop, and being wildly popular, we are sure to see some more available sometime in the future, even if it isn’t until after its release in April 2021.

We love how maneuverable these pods appear to be, and so cozy and inviting. Too stressed out from a long day of work? Take a Metapod nap! Want some alone time to stare off into the distance? Climb inside a Metapod! Want to pretend 2020 never happened and revert to a state of childlike wonder? Metapod chair! The possibilities are endless, as shown by the lovely Metapod model above.

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