Galaxy Con brings fans and anime voice actors together

galaxy con

Have you ever wanted to talk with your favorite anime voice actors and ask them questions that have been burning through your mind for years? Virtual cons like Galaxy Con have set the stage to do just that. Conventions have been shutting down all over the world this year due to the pandemic, but some are still staying afloat or coming to life completely in order to bring people together for convention experiences, but they’re doing it differently. They are bridging the gap by bringing the convention experience directly into the homes of their attendees. There have been virtual cons all year, such as FunimationCon and Aniplex Fest Online, and it’s been such a relief to congoers who are yearning for the convention scene but can’t go to any in person.

Although it isn’t quite the same, it still brings fans together with actors and creators they love and give them a fun refuge during this crazy time. Galaxy Con is one of these cons, and it’s crept up on us fast! The con is going on now and will be going on into the month of December. However, the anime voice actors will only be appearing today and tomorrow (November 21st & 22) and December 4th and 6th. The con will feature voice actors from One Piece, Pokémon, and Sailor Moon

If we want to look at silver linings of this year, we can look at cons like this one. Where we used to have to wait in line to talk to a favorite celebrity, we can now choose to pay for a one-on-one online video chat and/or watch their panels online for free (with live Q&As)–no matter where we are in the world. It gives us the chance to ask the questions we’ve always been dying to ask. The whole session is recorded, too! Pretty cool. There are also options for photo ops and autographs as well. More information regarding the logistics of these aspects of Galaxy Con can be found on their FAQ page here.

Some of the prices are a bit steep, but overall it seems like a con worth checking out, especially since the majority of the panels are free. What we are most excited about are the voice actors attending the con. They are as follows:

November 21st–Sailor Moon cast:

  • Cristina Vee (Sailor Mars)
  • Lauren Landa (Sailor Neptune)
  • Robbie Daymond (Tuxedo Mask)
  • Sandy Fox (Sailor Chibi Moon)

November 22nd–(Newer) Pokemon cast:

  • Sarah Natochenny (Ash Ketchum)
  • Lisa Ortiz (Korrina)
  • Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld (Bonnie)
  • Erica Schroeder (Nurse Joy and Eevee)

December 4th–Original Pokemon cast:

  • Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum, Ash’s mom, May)
  • Eric Stuart (Brock and James)
  • Stuart Zagnit (Professor Oak)
  • Megan Hollingshead (Nurse Joy)
  • Tara Sands (Bulbasaur)
  • Michael Haigney (Charmander)

December 6th–One Piece cast:

  • Colleen Clinkenbeard (Monkey D. Luffy)
  • Brina Palencia (Tony Tony Chopper)
  • John Gremillon (Dracule Mihawk)
  • Ian Sinclair (Brook)
  • Luci Christian (Nami)

There are other actors from various fans attending as well (just not in anime). All the events start at different times and are listed in EST on the website. Check it out now before it’s too late to meet your favorite anime voice actors at Galaxy Con

Who are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.