Twitch Streamer “Disguised Toast” Banned After Streaming Death Note

Popular Twitch streamer Jeremy Wang, known as “Disguised Toast” on the platform, was banned on January 10, 2022, while watching Death Note during a livestream. The ban prompted Wang to respond on Twitter:


The ban of Disguised Toast comes soon after a ban of another popular Twitch streamer. Imane Anys, known as “Pokimane”, received a 48-hour ban on her account for streaming the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. 

For both streamers, no official reason was cited for their ban. However, both were likely a result of DMCA claims. 

A DMCA claim is a complaint that is made by an individual when they think someone is committing copyright infringement. 

Twitch’s DMCA Guidelines do lay out that they may “disable a live-stream and/or suspend an account if the claimed infringement is continuing at the time we receive the rights holder’s notification.”

Reaction Streams Growing In Popularity

Both Wang and Anys’ streams fall under the reaction stream category. These kinds of streams have been popular over the last few months with Twitch streamers, prompting them to watch and react to copyrighted content like TV shows and anime.

Twitch streamers are currently calling this the “TV meta” thanks to the popularity of reaction streams.

While reaction media has been popular online, especially on YouTube, Twitch has been known to take action on DMCA claims in the past. Recently, Hasan Piker, who goes by HasanAbi on Twitch, also received a DMCA claim for streaming MasterChef:

Wang’s Twitch Channel Back Up

On January 13, 2021, Wang’s Twitch channel reappeared on the platform. Following in the same manner of Anys’ ban, Wang’s channel was only down for 48 hours.

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