Kyo and Tohru Make Appearance in New Fruits Basket – prelude – Trailer

fruits basket - prelude -
Image courtesy of World of Anime

The new trailer for the upcoming Fruits Basket – prelude – showed a surprising appearance of the main romantic relationship in the original award-winning shojo series, Fruits Basket. For those who don’t know, Fruits Basket – prelude – is an upcoming spin-off film that will show the relationship between the parents of Fruits Basket protagonist Tohru Honda. This spin-off comes right after the full anime of the original shojo series, which ended its run this past summer, 2021.

Fruits Basket fans everywhere have been excited for this new film to release but are even more excited now that more details have been revealed. The main newly revealed detail, shown in this second official trailer, is that in addition to the story of Tohru’s parents, there will be clips between Tohru and Kyo Sohma in Fruits Basket – prelude – as well.

The other details revealed in this new trailer are that this film will also recap some of the events of the original series and that the movie’s theme song will be Ohashi Trio’s “Niji to Kite” (“Rainbow and Kite”).

The new trailer showed clips of Tohru’s life as a young adult, while also showing events of the original series. These scenes are in juxtaposition with scenes from Tohru’s parents’ story.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the new trailer, however, is the closing shot of Tohru and Kyo holding hands after the events of Fruits Basket, where it is zoomed in on the couple holding hands, revealing Tohru wearing a wedding band. Fans of Kyo and Tohru’s relationship have been delighted by this scene. And with these new surprising revelations for the highly anticipated side film comes more anticipation for its release next month.

Fruits Basket – prelude – is set to release in Japanese theaters on February 18th of this year.

For those unfamiliar with Fruits Basket or its side film, the series follows a young teenage orphan named Tohru Honda, who happens upon (and ends up living with) a group of men who turn into members of the Chinese Zodiac. The series follows her journey with them, helping them break this curse while also showing them they are worthy of love, happiness, and a future they decide. Tohru’s parents, Katsuya and Kyoko, died in separate instances about a decade apart before the start of Fruits Basket, and their tale is the main focus of Fruits Basket – prelude -.

You can view the new trailer here or below:

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