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Brianna Fox-Priest is a freelance journalist based in Oklahoma City. Covering video games and Japanese pop culture, her work can also be seen in Otaku USA, Anime USA, and Sprudge.
gundam seed freedom anime movie premiere event

Gundam SEED FREEDOM Rewards Fans After 20-Year Hiatus

As the theater darkened, there was a quick hush over the buzzing crowd. After almost two decades of waiting for the Mobile...
love like the falling petals novel cover

Love Like The Falling Petals Novel Review

As we enter peak cherry blossom season, the critically acclaimed romance novel Love Like the Falling Petals by Keisuke Uyama is a...
keisuke uyama japanese author

Keisuke Uyama: Love Like The Falling Petals Author Interview

We had the privilege of interviewing Keisuke Uyama the author of Love Like the Falling Petals after its English debut. Uyama-san is...
A Couple of Cuckoos anime

A Couple of Cuckoos (Anime Review)

As far as male protagonists go, Nagi Umino may just about be living the best life. He has a loving family, excellent...
spy x family anime

SPY x FAMILY (Anime Review)

Twilight, the man of a hundred faces, has taken on some of the most difficult and grim missions, but when this spy...
komi can't communicate anime

Komi Can’t Communicate (Anime Review)

Every new anime season has a clear choice for the most anticipated show and for the fall of 2021 that was Komi...
kageki shojo thumbnail

Kageki Shojo!! Opera Girl (Anime Review)

Those who have an appreciation for musical theatre will find a lot to grasp onto with the musical-acting anime Kageki Shojo. It...
oddtaxi anime

ODDTAXI (Anime Review)

Under the guise of "just another furry anime", ODDTAXI didn’t scream for attention but waited calmly in the rafters of the spring...