Kill la Kill – IF Slated For July 26 Release

Kill la Kill – IF will be available on July 26 in North America and on July 25 in Japan. The game will be available on PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch and will be published by Arc System Works.

The 3D arena fighter features a story mode which follows the anime, along with a new “IF” story arc written by Kazuki Nakashima, the series’ creator.

The game will feature a cast of 12 confirmed characters, including Ryuko, Mako, Satsuki, and Nui. We’d expect an online co-op mode as well.

Arc System Works is working with Studio Trigger, so you can expect the amazing art style to be just as beautiful in 3D, and you’ll be able to reenact your favorite fight scenes from the show.

The game will retail for $59.99 in the US. There will also be 1500 limited edition copies released for $99.99.

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