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tower of god episode 10

Tower of God Episode 10 – Setups and the Administrator Test

In episode 10 of Tower of God, we learn about really happened during the Tag Exam and and continue onwards.
tower of god 9

Tower of God Episode 9 – Conclusion of the Tag Arc

This week, Tower of God episode 9 was much more suspenseful than usual with quite a few unexpected plot developments.
tower of god episode 8

Tower of God Episode 8 – Betrayal and Power Struggles

This week, the 8th episode of Tower of God, had some amazing action scenes, gave us backstory about Serena and provided more character development. The...
tower of god episode 7

Tower of God Episode 7 – Forbidden Love and Tag Teams

This week, Tower of God episode 7 brought us dark backstories, new friendships forming, and the tag test. It picks up in the middle...
toei spider-man

Toei Spider-Man set to be in Into the Spider-Verse 2

Earlier this week, Phil Lord teased that the Spider-Man from Toei's 1970 version will appear in Into the Spider-Verse 2. Phil, a writer and...
viz summer lineup 2020

VIZ Summer Lineup 2020 Manga and Light Novels

During New York Comic Con this weekend VIZ Media announced several manga and light novels they're releasing during the summer of 2020. Here's a...
crunchyroll loves mob psycho 100

Crunchyroll Loves Releases New Mob Psycho 100 Collection

Crunchyroll Loves has just launched an exclusive Mob Psycho 100 collection of hoodies and more. The collection includes two hoodies, one fanny pack, one...

Yasuhiro Irie, Full Metal Alchemist Director, on Working in the Industry

Yasuhiro Irie, Director and Animator During my time at Otakuthon I was fortunate enough to interview Yasuhiro Irie, director, animator, and storyboard artist for many...

My Experience at Otakuthon 2019

  Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend Otakuthon 2019 as a media representative for the Jotaku Network. Otakuthon is the second biggest...

Kyoto Animation Opens Bank Account for Donations

On July 18, 2019, there was an arson attack on Kyoto Animations headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. The attack resulted in the death of 35...