Tower of God Episode 8 – Betrayal and Power Struggles

tower of god episode 8

This week, the 8th episode of Tower of God, had some amazing action scenes, gave us backstory about Serena and provided more character development.

The episode continues where the previous one left us, in an intense game of tag. Quant, clearly annoyed fakes regaining his composure and decides to give the team an extra 111 seconds to reconvene. He even says that he wont use the elevator to give them a chance.

Khun’s Plan Revealed in Tower of God Episode 8

The team makes a new plan and splits up leaving many of them on the stairs to try and slow Quant down while Anaak uses the elevator to go to the top exit.

We cut briefly back to Endorosi and and Bam talking in the waiting room. Bam seems preoccupied with Michelle which clearly bother’s Endorosi. It’s also reiterated that if Khun’s team succeeds then Bam will likely not make it to the next round.

tower of god episode 8

Back in the fight we see that Quant easily takes care of most of the spear bearers and scouts. He makes it to the top of bridge with ease and confronts Khun. He tells Quant that Anaak jumped off the bridge and to the lower exit. Quant is unconvinced and feels the shinsu from Khun’s lighthouse.

It turns out that Khun lowered Anaak under the bridges on the lighthouse. Quant drags Khun off the bridge thinking he can get him to reveal Anaak’s whereabouts. Anaak ends up catching Khun, leaving Quant to fall to the bottom. As we see Anaak run to the exit we catch a glimpse of Quant there as well before he takes Anaak’s badge.

tower of god episode 8

I found it really interesting to see how the first half of the test turned out. We knew that people like Khun and Lauroe were already going to pass because they had good scores. We also knew that Bam was at risk of failing if Khun’s team won. So it became a question of how can Khun give Bam a chance at passing.

Following the test we see that in the end Khun and Lauroe had planned on Quant falling to the bottom. This was so that Lauroe could send Quant up to catch Anaak without the other teammates seeing it.

Betrayal and a struggle for power

Khun’s team failing resulted in Bam still having a chance at passing. This also resulted in all the people on Shibisu’s getting a chance to pass. Khun’s teammates on Shibisu’s list already had enough points to pass but those on Bam’s team did not.

It felt very nice to see how well they incorporated so many different factors from the use of the Green April to save Khun, to Lauroe sleeping as an excuse for him to stay at the bottom.

Straight from the beginning we see that there doesn’t seem to be any cohesion on Bam’s team with many of the teammates fighting to be team leader. Endorosi through strength alone forces her way into the role of team leader.

All we know of her plan is that the fishermen are to stay together with Bam and make a break for the exit. The Spearmen wait to intercept Quant on the stairs while Hoh and Serena stay on the bottom floor.

This is where we learn about how Serena and some other children had stowed onto a boat to steal resources. However a ranker appeared and killed everyone but Serena because Headon was able to get to her first and bring her to the tower.

Serena admits that she was able to kill people in the first round because she didn’t know anybody but now she is unsure of whether or not she can kill her friends. Hoh is cold and says he has to do what he has to do.

Hatsu and the other Fishermen can tell that Quant is coming and alert the fishermen. Its at this point that Endorosi announces her plan is going well and begins to attack one of the other fishermen.

Tower of God episode 8 is fun and action-packed

I really enjoyed this episode overall. I found myself really enjoying the action because of its great choreography and animation.

My one criticism is that while I appreciated learning about Serena’s backstory it felt very out of place. She hasn’t been that central of a character the entire show and the timing was rather awkward. I would have preferred to have seen more on Hoh’s backstory seeing as it would have been more fitting.

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