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summer time rendering episode 4 ushio

Summer Time Rendering – Epsiode 4 Review

While looping stories play on themes of deja vu, the evil clones here can also give us the opposite feeling. Episode four, "Jamais Vu'' is titled after that opposing concept. It relates...
Summer Time Rendering episode 3 mio

Summer Time Rendering – Episode 3 Review

Now that our time loop protagonist has a grasp on the situation, it's time to take a step back. This week, Summer Time Rendering focuses on gathering allies and building up the...
Summer Time Rendering mio kofune knife episode 2

Summer Time Rendering – Episode 2 Review

Mysteries can take a while to start revealing the truth behind their intrigue. Usually because it helps to build tension while allowing the characters and setting to expand more. Summer Time Rendering...
Summer Time Rendering episode 1 ushio kofune

Summer Time Rendering – Episode 1 Review

With summer only a few months away, Disney probably thought it would be nice to license this bright looking anime called Summer Time Rendering. But if they looked a bit closer at...