Tower of God Episode 7 – Forbidden Love and Tag Teams

tower of god episode 7

This week, Tower of God episode 7 brought us dark backstories, new friendships forming, and the tag test. It picks up in the middle of the Fisherman training and subsequent fight between Annak and Endorosi. Their fight was a great tool that let us learn more about Anaak’s past and the Princesses of Jahad.

The Princesses of Jahad and Forbidden Love

The princesses were given their powers by the king, the first person to climb the tower. Fearing the power would pass to family, the princesses were banned from bearing children. However, Annak’s mother was a princess that disobeyed the king’s pact by giving birth to Annak. As a result, she had to sacrifice herself so her daughter could live.

What striked me about this scene was Endorosi’s elegant comparison of the princesses as shoes in the king’s showcase. “Beautiful, but never to be worn by anyone.” They stay on a shelf, unworn out of fear of being soiled as their power granted to them by the king was forbidden from spreading.

tower of god episode 7

After their training, Bam and Khun help Shibisu and Hatz complete their Scout training by getting Annak and Endorosi to sign their friendship papers. I’m curious to see what the importance the Scouts’ friend list will end up playing in the future.

Meanwhile, Hoh still isn’t strong enough and worries about passing while wondering who Bam really is. This episode piqued my interest into Hoh as we could tell something was off with him last episode, but this time we got to connect with him more. We see bits and pieces of Hoh’s backstory, showing a dark, traumatic past. Tower of God has cemented some more serious issues from his past for him to overcome. These flashbacks are interrupted by a mysterious visitor that leaves a letter outside his door. We never don’t see the contents, but it definitely has Hoh panicking.

A Simple Game of Tag in Tower of God Episode 7

Finally, we’re introduced to the test: a game of tag. Sounds simple, but here in the Tower things aren’t that easy. They explained the rules so fast it was hard to keep up with it at first, and I had to rewatch the scene a couple times to understand it. Maybe this was an issue with the subtitles going too fast or the translation being difficult.

Players are split into two groups and each group nominates one person to be their “It”. The Tower’s “It” is represented by Quartz and each person who is “It” receives a badge. The team wins if they take Quantz’s badge or head to the exit. If they just head for the exist, they receive 100,000 points. If they have their “It” take Quartz’s badge, they receive 200,000 points. But if Quartz takes the team’s badge, then they lose and the team doesn’t pass the test. So it looks like the teams have to decide how they want to win and if they want to go for those extra points.

For our characters, the tag test is even more troubling with Bam and Khun assigned to opposite teams. This sets in the realization that even though they’re friends they still have to compete with each other in their climb to the top of the tower.

tower of god episode 7

Tower of God episode 7 might not have been as action packed as some of the earlier episodes, the show still does well with giving enough information to keep you interested while also being able to open up new story lines and plot threads.

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