Otakon Online, free anime event coming on August 1st

otakon online

Otakon announced on their YouTube that their own online anime event call Otakon Online on August 1st, 2020. Otakon’s virtual convention will be a single day event comprising panels, workshops, interviews, and music and gaming events.

As we’ve previously reported, multiple conventions have been canceling or postponing  physical events and offering online events in place. Similar to Funimation and San Diego Comic-Con events, Otakon also announced that the event will stream for free.

Otakon Previously Cancelled in April

In April 2020, Otakon and its staff had previously announced that the 2020 event would be canceled completely. This was due to the planned use of the convention center in Washington, DC which is now currently a field hospital in response to COVID-19. Several days prior to Otakon’s cancellation, the Army Corps of Engineers had announced that it would be converting the convention center into a field hospital for patients and that the facility would not be available.

Registration Status for Attendees

In the official announcement of Otakon’s cancellation via the Otakon website, it states that all registrations for 2020 will automatically be registered for 2021. Attendees will not need to take any additional action.

And in a rare move away from Otakon’s no refund policy,  they have also stated that if an attendee is unable to attend in 2021 or if you need to request a refund for other reasons, they will make an exception for this year.

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