Friday, November 8, 2019
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crunchyroll loves mob psycho 100

Crunchyroll Loves Releases New Mob Psycho 100 Collection

Crunchyroll Loves has just launched an exclusive Mob Psycho 100 collection of hoodies and more. The collection includes two hoodies, one fanny pack, one...
dr. stone behind the scenes documentary

Dr. STONE Behind the Scenes Documentary Launched by Crunchyroll

Today, Crunchyroll launched "Behind the Scenes of Dr. STONE", a documentary featuring creative producer Shusuke Katagiri and director Shinya Iino as their team adapt...
yasuhiro irie

Yasuhiro Irie, Anime Director, Discusses Working in the Anime Industry

Yasuhiro Irie, Director and Animator During my time at Otakuthon I was fortunate enough to interview Yasuhiro Irie, director, animator, and storyboard artist for many...
love live

Love Live! µ’s Returning with a New Music Video

Yesterday, Love Live! staff announced that the original Love Live! µ's idol group is coming back with a brand new single and anime music...
Masaaki Iwane

Pokemon Animator Masaaki Iwane Celebrates 54th Birthday!

Today is famous Pokemon animator Masaaki Iwane’s birthday! He turns 54 today and is still one of the hardest working and fastest animators in...