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chill anime songs

Chill Anime Songs to Put on Your Playlist During Quarantine

With COVID-19 remaining an issue, what better way to pass the time at home than with some chill anime songs? Across the huge catalog of anime that’s been created, there’s a wide...
violet evergarden movie

Let’s get ready for the new Violet Evergarden Movie

The second Violet Evergarden movie, is still in the works after facing numerous delays. So let's look back on the Kyoto Animation series and get hyped for the movie.
Feel-Good anime thumb

4 Feel-Good Anime To Rewatch During COVID-19

With COVID-19 lock-downs still underway, people have a bit more time at home on their hands than usual. So how about checking out some feel-good anime! Sit back and...
budget in animation

Anime Budgets and Why You’re Wrong

A common misconception in anime is that consistent or stunning animation is dependent on a project’s budget. You may often hear people blame a show’s budget if they feel it looks weak visually, but...

Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS: The New Generation of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS is finally here, and it is completely different from all of its previous shows. With a new, friendly art style, simplified mechanics, and lighter tones, Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS is very unique to the...