My Hero Academia Gives a Backstage Look at it’s Fights and Concert

my hero academia behind the scenes

The official Twitter account for My Hero Academia has been posting fantastic behind the scenes videos this week. They compare the original key animation (top) to the final animation we get to see as viewers (bottom).

(Note: Slight spoilers for episodes 85 and 86)

Behind the Scenes of Deku vs. Gentle Criminal

The first video released on May 9th showcases Deku and Gentle Criminal’s fight in episode 85. Here we can see the initial development shots turn into the action-packed fight scene. The key animation for these cuts was done by Kouki Fujimoto, an action animator known for some amazing cuts on shows like Babylon and Beyblade Burst as well as My Hero Academia.

Class 1-A Performs Their Song “Hero Too”

The second video, from May 11th, shows class 1-A’s performance during the school festival concert in episode 86 with their song “Hero Too”. The key animator here was Haruka Iida, who was also one of the key animators for the “Baby I Love You Daze” music video.

The My Hero Academia season 4 finale aired on April 4th, so seeing behind-the-scenes bits of animation like this is a special treat! It allows a glimpse into the animation process that you don’t often get to see. Follow the official My Hero Academia Twitter account for more behind-the-scenes content here.

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