Tower of God Episode 10 – Setups and the Administrator Test

tower of god episode 10

In episode 10 of Tower of God, we learn about really happened during the Tag Exam and and continue onwards.

What really happened during the Tower of God Tag Exam

At the very beginning of the episode, we learn that Khun was trying to figure out how Bam can pass all along. Hwa Ryun approaches him and says they don’t intended on passing. However they do know that Hoh is rather desperate to pass. Because of this, when Khun met Quant at the bottom of the tag area he told him to watch out for Hoh. Bam later approaches his team, Khun and Rak that has been resized by Yu Han, and tells them about Rachel’s situation. Rachel is paralyzed from the waist down and will most likely not recover. But, he endeavors to keep climbing the tower for her.

This episode probably had the least action in the series, but it was quite a nice one. The pacing was nice giving just enough of each character before jumping to the next. I personally found myself enjoying this episode more than some others. Without the action there it, allowed the character to show a more human side to themselves.

Following a more somber scene where everyone says their goodbyes to Hoh, Bam and Rachel go to the fields to talk. Rachel bawls and admits that she feels guilty for leaving Bam to find the stars and to go on without her. Bam says that she was the first light he saw and that he could never abandon her. Following this, we see that Serena drops out to hopefully find something worth living for.

Rachel’s situation and the Administrator Test

Khun decides to interrogate Lero thinking he was the one to give Hoh the note he previously thought Khun gave him. Lero denies doing it and it and now it seems like the director Yu Han may have done it. We also see Yu Han corners a ranker who was planning on recapturing the Green April and Black March. Instead of being on the offense, Yu Han says that he would like to join in his mission.

At the end of the episode, the people who passed are announced. Everyone we expect to pass, except Rachel, do pass. To which Khun objects. He says Rachel should pass and offer’s to take the Adminitrator’s Test. Yu Han replies that only irregulars can take the test so Bam says he’ll take it. Irregulars being those who came to the tower on their own instead of being chosen are looked at as bad omens. Everyone bands together and decides to support Bam despite the stigma it might give them.

This episode was one of my favorites despite the lack of action. Watching Shibisu and Serena have that heart-to-heart as she left was a really nice way to see her off. Yu Han shrinking Rak was odd, but it could be interesting later. We also got to see a brief look at the guide who had given Bam the Black March. I would like to see more from them to know how strong they really are. With only three episodes left in the season, I’m interested in seeing how the show ends.

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