Kyoto Animation releases Violet Evergarden movie 10-minute preview

Violet Evergarden Movie Ann

Kyoto Animation released the first ten minutes of the new Violet Evergarden: The Movie on YouTube for anyone to watch. The preview is in Japanese, but you can watch a clip with English subtitles on YouTube here.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie had its theatrical release in Japan back on September 18, 2020. While the movie hit the big screen over a month ago in Japan, it has yet to come to North America and many other regions around the world.

This new clip allows viewers from all around the world to get excited for the movie to hit theaters in their regions. It also helps promote the Violet Evergarden film in Japan, as those who are on the fence about it may decide to watch the film in theaters after watching a sneak peek on YouTube.

Looking at the 10-minute preview of Violet Evergarden: The Movie

The film starts with a teenage girl, Daisy, and her parents mourning the death of the girl’s grandmother. Daisy is upset they didn’t visit her grandmother more and feels they are partially responsible for her death. She’s obviously hurting inside at the loss of someone so dear to her. After an exchange with her parents, she stays behind and reads letters written by her great-grandmother to her grandmother.

Violet Evergarden Movie Daisy
Daisy in “Violet Evergarden: The Movie”

We soon realize that the grandmother who passed away is Ann Magnolia from episode ten of the anime series. Ann is the little girl who thought Violet was a living, breathing doll and whose mother was dying from an illness. Her mother had Violet write Ann letters for each of her birthdays through her life until she’d turn twenty. Ann kept these letters very close to her throughout her life. As Daisy looks through them, she finds something else: a newspaper clipping about Violet Evergarden–someone she recognizes from her renowned work as an auto memory doll.

She also gives us another piece of intriguing information, but we won’t spoil that for you here. Check out the clip to see what we can look forward to in the new Violet Evergarden film.

Ann Magnolia from Episode Ten of “Violet Evergarden”

When could the movie come to North America?

All that’s left is for the rest of the world to see the movie, but how long may that be? The last film, Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, released on September 9, 2019 in Japan. That’s almost a year prior to the new movie, and it took about seven months to come to Netflix in North America. If that’s any indicator, we’ll likely see the movie hitting our own screens around April 2021. Hopefully it’ll be in select theaters sometime much before that.

The movie faced two major delays on its way to the theater. The first delay was due to the arson attack on Kyoto Animation‘s studio, and the second was due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we wait for the new movie to release in theaters and screens throughout the world, we can relive the magic of the series through re-binging it on Netflix. Then we can watch the first ten minutes of the film and speculate on what might happen next.