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Elise Nelson is a journalist, editor, and author with a passion for writing. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in multidisciplinary studies with an English literature emphasis and is both a writer and editor for Jotaku.net. You can check out the latest releases in her romance brand on her website www.elisenelsonauthor.com.
ghibli diorama

Ghibli Diorama Artist brings these Beautiful Anime Worlds to Life

One of the greatest perks in life is enjoying whimsy and creative splendor from time to time. Lucky for...
Earwig and the witch

Aya and the Witch is Studio Ghibli’s Newest CGI Film

Studio Ghibli, has announced a brand new CGI film adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones' fantasy novel: Earwig and the Witch. You may...
violet evergarden movie

Let’s get ready for the new Violet Evergarden Movie

The second Violet Evergarden movie, is still in the works after facing numerous delays. So let's look back on the Kyoto Animation...
Ghibli clothing

Studio Ghibli Clothing Brand GBL to Open First Location in Japan

GBL, a rising brand bringing new ideas into the Studio Ghibli clothing scene, is opening up an exclusive location in Japan. A...
Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus: The First Next-Gen Anime Game for the PS5

News of the PS5 is all over social media right now, and so are the games that will soon be released for...

Looking Back at the Timeless Beauty of Fruits Basket

One of the most popular shoujo manga/anime series out there is Fruits Basket. Anyone who loves shoujo and fantasy manga and anime...
promised neverland cover .png

“The Promised Neverland” keeps your heart pounding in suspense

There are plenty of anime series that make us want to spend the entire day binge-watching episodes. Sometimes, however, there are lulls...
nana strawberry glasses

NANA Strawberry Glasses from the Beloved Manga up for Sale

Gathering all NANA fans! No news of another volume yet, but fans can take an iconic piece of the beloved series into...