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sonny boy anime nozomi

Sonny Boy: Finding Purpose Through Creativity

Sonny Boy is a quiet and complicated story that looks into characters who have had their normal everyday lives uprooted. It's an...
cyberpunk edgerunner

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the surprise Studio Trigger anime collaboration

Studio Trigger and CD PROJEKT RED have announced a brand new anime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners set in the world of their latest game,...
Promare anniversary

Trigger Holds Promare Anniversary Event, Announces Merch & More

After a successful year, Promare is still burning! Earlier this week, Studio Trigger held an anniversary watch party with fans of Promare....
budget in animation

Anime Budgets and Why You’re Wrong

A common misconception in anime is that consistent or stunning animation is dependent on a project’s budget. You may often hear people blame a...
trigger brand new animal

Trigger Invites You to Celebrate the Completion of Brand New Animal!

This Sunday, Studio Trigger is gearing up to stream a live drawing by Brand New Animal concept artist Genice Chan. Thanks to the Studio Trigger Patreon, we’ll...