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please be happy

Please Be Happy yuri visual novel announced by Studio Élan

On June 27th, Studio Élan announced the launch of their newest yuri visual novel project, Please Be Happy. Published by Sekai Project, Please Be Happy will be available on PC and the...
student union kickstarter

Student Union, mystery romance drama visual novel launches Kickstarter

On July 10th, game developer Visual Novel Village launched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming dark drama visual novel, Student Union. Student Union Kickstarter now live
Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus: The First Next-Gen Anime Game for the PS5

News of the PS5 is all over social media right now, and so are the games that will soon be released for it. One of these highly anticipated games is the anime-style...
death comes true release date new trailer .png

Death Come True, release date and new trailer for mystery FMV game by Danganronpa...

Death Come True the latest project by Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka releases on June 25th. The news comes from a new trailer for the game of a TV show host character explaining...
kana quest

Kana Quest, an adorable Japanese puzzle game, is out now on Steam

Kana Quest, is "the adorable puzzle game that teaches the Japanese alphabet", and now it's "making matches" on Steam. From solo Australian developer, Not Dead Design, comes a new game about fun, learning, and puzzles....